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pet spunbonded nonwovens are made of virgin pet chips or recycled pet chips through melt spinning, high-speed drafting and cooling crystallizing. this kind of nonwovens has the features of high tensile strength, good aging resistance, and abrasion resistance etc. they are widely used in the automobile industry, including carpet lining, ceiling materials, luggage compartment lining, and various insulation materials, acoustic insulation materials and covering materials etc.
  • secondary carpet backings
  • tuf ted carpet under padding
  • mold release applications
  • hood liners and headliners (facings and backing substrates.)
  • reinforcement layers
  • acoustic and thermal insulation media
  • door panel trim and backings
  • floor covers backing substrate
  • seat cover slip sheets
  • transmission oil, motor oil and cabin air filters
  • non-woven for interior car roof
  • other vehicles and transportation means  aeroplanes, trains, boats, spacecraft and satellites